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Illustrations come in many styles, and so do budgets! That's why I provide three levels of illustration styles to help my clients bring their projects to life. Each Level is a general guideline for the type of art that can be done. From there, I work with you to customize a look and feel within your chosen level to suit your project's needs.

General Illustration Projects

For a customized quote on general illustration projects please click on the buttons below each level. I will need a good email to reach you at, a brief description of your project, budget, timeline, and the number of illustrations you will be needing.

Children's Book Packages

Children's Book Packages include character design sheets, setting design, pagination, book dummy, graphic design work to package the entire book- text, illustration, title treatment, cover design, and unlimited help with the questions you may have during the illustrating, book packaging, or publishing process.  

Level 1 Character Design.png


Very simple characters relying on line work to carry most of the drawings through. Color is flat with basic shading, either gradient or cell shading. Textures can be applied. Backgrounds are minimal basic details and silhouetted shapes. 

Level 2 Character Design.png


Characters are complex and 3 dimensional, yet still use simple shapes and forms. Line work is used minimally to accent drawings. Rendering of illustrations are more dynamic, using brush strokes and textures. Lighting and shading is applied using more complex techniques to create depth and interest. Backgrounds remain simple but use dynamic lighting and texture. 

level 3.png


Characters are realistically rendered with complex textures and lighting. Characters can be either stylized or realistically depicted. Backgrounds are fully detailed and rendered to include complex lighting techniques and textures.

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