A Little About Me

I'm Anastasia, Stasia for short, a quirky digital illustrator who enjoys spreading joy through illustration.

anastasia ward portrait.jpg

Even from a very early age, I knew that my destiny was to do something with my gift of drawing. After highschool, I decided that I wanted to go into game art design, since I believed it would be the best place to express all the amazing worlds I had created in my head. But I soon realized that the Game Industry was not going to provide me with the type of lifestyle I wanted to live, so I flew back home to my beloved state of Alaska and finished my degree at the University of Alaska in Graphic Design and Illustration. I spent a short time as an in house graphic designer, but realized it wasn't where I wanted to be either. So, I quit my job and started pursuing freelance illustration and graphic design work while taking on another job as an English Language Tutor to pay the bills.

Six years honing my work, marrying the love of my life, and a baby later, I finally took the leap to full time illustration work and opened up my business, Anastasia Ward Illustrations.

I have finally realized that what truly made me happy was simply spreading joy and love to others. To bring smiles to people's faces is the best thing in the world. 

I found that my children's book illustrations were what brought the most joy to others, and so using all the skills I have acquired in life - graphic design, illustration, and working closely with kids - I have found a place helping self-published children's book authors fulfill their dreams and spread joy to kids everywhere!

It is my dream to expand my work to traditionally published children's books and publications so that I can bring even more joy to people around the world!